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My leadership role has become increasingly more critical as our law firm recognizes explosive growth. I was recommended to Trudy by a respected colleague as someone whose expertise would be invaluable to me in developing leadership expertise to complement my legal acumen. Her coaching process, generative inquiry and insightfulness have been key to my business strategy and competency as a dynamic firm owner and thoughtful leader. Both on behalf of me as an individual and as a shareholder in the firm, we are pleased with the significant return on our investment that coaching has delivered.
- Heidi Staloch, Attorney at law
“Don Juan assured me that in order to accomplish the feat of making myself miserable I had to work in a most intense fashion, and that it was absurd. I had now realized I could work just the same in making myself complete and strong. ‘The trick is in what one emphasizes,’ he said. ‘We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.’”
- Carlos Casteneda--Journey To Ixtlan © 2006 Minnesota Website Design