Executive Coaching/Leadership Development

As executive coaches, we hold space for meaningful conversation. Together with you, our client, we co-create an experience through focused dialogue that is open to “not knowing,” invites learning, challenges assumptions, broadens perspective and rouses possibility. It is your time. We commit to being “present,” asking stunning questions, energizing engagement, holding you accountable and celebrating as you evolve through your hard work.

Pathfinder coaching encompasses a six-phased process conducted over a several-month engagement.

We begin in dialogue with you and your business leader (if relevant) to determine the coaching focus, establish clarity of an ideal outcome and ensure organizational alignment. The coaching focus may include: building leadership expertise, managing talent more effectively, developing strategic agility, sharpening executive presence, improving skill gaps, cultivating careers, managing conflict or energizing an underperforming team.

Upon clarifying the focus of our work and agreeing on all elements of the coaching, we initiate a course of action involving in-depth discovery and generative inquiry. We select a battery of assessment tools (based on the coaching focus) for you to complete Hogan assessments. We might gather input from others using the Lominger VOICES® 360˚ instrument. We may create a 360˚ appreciative interview protocol to be conducted with individuals you select.

We study and synthesize discovery data. We explore patterns and possibilities that emerge. We make meaning of what we’ve learned. We begin to articulate growing edges and envision a desired state.

Our work materializes into the co-creation of a strategic coaching plan. As appropriate we can present the plan to your business leader (and perhaps key colleagues) to gain additional insight and ensure ongoing organizational alignment with your targeted growth vision. We look to boost career enhancers and block career derailers. We develop the “social architecture” to support growth. Once the plan is put into action, Pathfinder’s coaching challenges and inspires you to be at your growing edge. We work with you on significant issues and help you apply learning to real situations.

A key part of effective coaching is to regularly engage the organizational system ensuring you, your business leader and your company system are in alignment with our work. Together, we recurrently evaluate progress capturing success stories, focusing on what’s working and valuing positive execution of your coaching plan. Our coaching supports you in fulfilling your highest potential. You deliver outcomes achieving your desired results.

Pathfinder’s coaching is grounded in the core competencies of the International Coach Federation, positive psychology and the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry.

Contact us for a comprehensive proposal which customizes our process to your targeted coaching application.


Working with Trudy has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my professional life. One of the many things I value about working with Trudy is that she does not follow a “cookie cutter” approach to coaching. She took time to get to know me and my goals, through conversations with me and people I work with as well as through diagnostic assessments to measure my work preferences and approach. The coaching plan we co-created addresses my unique challenges and opportunities. People with whom I work tell me they see a positive difference in my leadership and strategic thinking skills since I began working with Trudy.
- National Marketing Executive

Trudy's expertise and coaching style is insightful, motivational and will inspire you to take your leadership skills to the next level.
- Director of Marketing, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
“Focus is power. The act of paying attention creates chemical and physical changes in the brain. Expectation shapes reality. People’s preconceptions have a significant impact on what they believe. Attention density shapes identity. Repeated, purposeful and focused attention can lead to long-lasting personal evolution.”
- The Neuroscience of Leadership, David Rock & Jeffrey Schwarz
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