Teaming & Collaboration

Team Building
Using a combination of (a) pre-workshop participant and leadership interviews (b) an appreciative inquiry based teaming model and (c) post-workshop inspired action, we customize teaming experiences that directly apply to bringing out the best of what is happening right now in a company setting.

Pathfinder facilitates team building from a strength-based platform. We believe individuals bring themselves to teams with unique gifts and talents to be discovered, valued and built upon. We’ve seen the benefits of how, when individuals realize a greater sense of teamwork and cohesion, it redounds to the organization’s benefit.

We work with groups that want to build upon what is already constructively underway in the client system. We look to grow and sustain team strength that is strategically aligned with a common approach, shared purpose and organizational focus. The ultimate result of our process is to create a culture that drives the organization to achieve higher performance and improved return on its human capital investment.

Conflict Resolution
Sometimes work colleagues find themselves in a situation where they unexpectedly experience a difficult time moving forward together in a positive direction. No matter how they got here, they know their work demands they find a new path where they can once again work jointly in a cohesive manner that gainfully serves themselves, their team and the company.

In times like these, we hold space to work with two or more individuals to help co-create a new future that values the best of each and compels them to move forward jointly in a mutually agreeable, contributing way.

Contact us for a comprehensive proposal which customizes our process to your targeted teambuilding application.

Teambuilding Workshop

We engaged Pathfinder to help us design and deliver an appreciative inquiry-based teambuilding experience for one of our key areas. The highly customized pre-workshop interviews and two-day retreat were such a resounding success, our sponsoring officer was approached by another work group about crafting a teambuilding experience for them; we know it's a success when managers are asking for what we have to offer! This type of organizational intervention was a first for Lawson and rewarding for management to see a positive return on its investment. One of our participants said, "I didn't really believe you could take me out of the workplace for two days and accomplish something lasting-figured it would just be back to business as usual. I have to say now that something special happened here. I don't know what exactly it was but I know I will be coming back to work a different person and team member than when I came." I highly recommend Pathfinder services if you are considering a teambuilding initiative.
- Karalyn Harrington, Sr. Human Resources Consultant,
Lawson Software
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