Executive Coaching Process: (Click image for descriptions)

Definition: We begin a coaching engagement by establishing clarity of focus and ideal outcome; we ensure this view is shared within the company system. Discovery: A comprehensive client assessment and discovery process is initiated to discover and highlight factors that support your excellence. We look to build on the best of who you are and what is already constructively underway in your work and life. Value & Vision: Distilling key elements and themes, we tap into your values and aspirations and envision a desired future state that embodies your targeted area of focus. We might take that to the next level and inquire into what does it look like if you have a centered sense of vocation, attention, fullness. Bringing the best of yourself forward, what can you picture that would make you feel energetic, awake, tuned into a frequency of passion, hope and accomplishment that is contagious. Plan Design: With your compelling vision, we work with you to plan the path that drives forward movement. Plan in Action: As you step ahead, we focus on what is working, what factors give life to your goals and help you build toward the future you pictured. We kindle hope, stimulate resiliency, promote learning agility and hold you accountable for building a future where the best is sought and obtained. Outcome: We celebrate small successes and big outcomes as you deliver results. Recognizing that learning is continuous, once you have brought about your desired future, we imagine you will aspire for brilliance beyond this imagined outcome. Client learning continuously loops, spiraling through a fresh series of newly spawned inquiries and intentions.
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