Outplacement Transition Services Process: (Click image for descriptions)

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DEFINE: (CHANGE & TRANSITION) During the early stages of outplacement Pathfinder initiates meaningful, multi-faceted dialogue with transitioning Clients. We talk about what happened, how it might impact Client practically, financially and spiritually. We discuss early strategies likely to be helpful during this time and hear what thoughts Client might already have regarding next steps. Together we bring learning agility alive. We inspire openness to the transition adventure. DISCOVER: (THE BEST OF WHO YOU ARE; GROWING PERSONAL BRAND) In-depth career assessment combined with a unique resume writing/interviewing experience establishes a strong foundation from which to distinguish and strengthen Client’s personal brand. It solidly “grounds” Client in who they are and drives how Client proceeds in “packaging” and “presenting” self to the employment market as part of the job search plan. DREAM: (ENVISIONING & ENHANCING POSSIBILITIES) The framework has been built for reflection. We now have a continuum of career path choices from finding a new job just like the old to re-inventing oneself in a completely new career, to considering entrepreneurial or consulting possibilities. Whatever the chosen path, we coach our Clients in picturing themselves in their most preferred future. Together, we get Client’s compass pointed in a direction so compelling, they “can’t not” go there. DESIGN: (PLANNING STRATEGY) Once we light the path, we are ready to align resources and plan a move in the defined direction. Combining career valuation and goal setting, resume completion, market positioning, and the total branding process together with training in cover letter writing, Internet job search tips/techniques and interviewing skills practice, Clients are poised for taking action. Connecting with Pathfinder networking resources, recruiters, and successfully outplaced candidates, Clients are thoroughly prepared to design their plan, launch their search and land a new job. DELIVER: (CELEBRATION & ONBOARDING) Upon receiving a job offer, Pathfinder coaches Client in managing the acceptance process including salary negotiations and employment terms.