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For almost two decades, we’ve been "holding space" for clients to cultivate careers, nurture growing edges and build on their best. Whether managing careers, coaching executives, developing emerging leaders, building teams, or transitioning dislocated workers our services - like our firm - are distinctive.

As certified career practitioners, we view career management akin to financial planning. Much as you regularly audit your financial position, we advise equal vigilance to examining your career capital. Careers are like bank accounts; whatever one puts inside grows in value. Career wealth (be it dollars or satisfaction) is a positive consequence of attentive asset growth and risk management. We help clients capitalize on their resources, hone talent, build competencies, craft compelling visions, reap career gains and sustain financially sound, soulfully nourishing net worth.

As executive coaches, we work with clients to help manage and grow talent. We come to an engagement with expertise, yet not as one expert with all the answers. We view ourselves as knowledgeable, caring inspiriters who ask generative questions that uncover multiple truths latent in the minds of our clients. Through a focused, yet resilient process based upon the neuroscience of leadership, we help sharpen and expand leadership mastery.

As team builders, we work with two-person teams or large groups to discover the collective power of collaboration. Coming from a strength-based philosophy, we believe our clients are naturally creative and resourceful and work to build on what is already constructively underway in their character, competency and company system.

At Pathfinder, our vision is to be a caring, consultative process-driven provider that holds space for client introspection while offering a portfolio of solutions targeted to help people and companies light the path to being their best. The value of our work ignites individual zeal which in turn enhances corporate yield.

Offering Hogan Suite of leadership development & coaching assessment tools.

Offering 360 degree feedback using Lominger VOICES®, Pathfinder services are supported by Lominger leadership development products grounded in their 67 leadership competencies.

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Discovering your gifts, your passion, your purpose.

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire Cat, "Which path do I take to get out of here?" The cat replies, "Which way are you going?" Alice says, "I don’t know". The cat answers, "Well, any path will get you there".

At Pathfinder, we’ll help you light the right path.

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